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What’s New at Aqua Metals

Aqua Metals: Creating a Safe, Sustainable Energy Future

Aqua Metals is the only company that has produced a commercially proven sustainable, closed-loop metal recycling process that is capable of producing the world’s purest metals.

Our Innovation Center is developing the cleanest metals recycling technologies that are better for the environment, economically competitive and safe for workers.

Lithium Ion: Powering the New Energy Era

Aqua Metals is applying its commercialized clean, water-based recycling technology principles to develop the cleanest and most cost-efficient recycling solution for lithium-ion batteries.

Our process will produce higher quality products at a lower operating cost without the damaging effects of furnaces and greenhouse emissions.


Proven Technology with Lead Recycling

Aqua Metals’ patented and commercially proven AquaRefining technology is a cleaner and more cost-efficient lead recovery and recycling process.

This room-temperature, closed loop, water-based process is fundamentally nonpolluting, cost-efficient and produces the purest lead ever made from a recycling technique. The first licensed AquaRefinery is being established in Taiwan, one of the fastest growing lead-recycling regions.


Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Goes Large

C&EN – The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is shifting into high gear. Automakers sold over 10 million EVs last year, more than half of them in China, and global sales should top 14 million this year, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). That growth is being accompanied by a surge in lithium-ion battery manufacturing. The IEA says that in 2022, EV battery demand soared to 550 GW h, a roughly 65% rise from the previous year.

Aqua Metals recognized as ‘Leader in Sustainability’ in Nevada

NORTHERN NV BUSINESS WEEKLY – Aqua Metals, Inc. is honored to be recognized as a ‘Leader in Sustainability’ by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada through the organization’s Existing Industry Awards. The company also received commendation from Congressman Mark Amodei and Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, along with congratulations from the Office of Nevada Lt. Gov. Stavros Anthony.