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The Key to U.S. Competitiveness in Lithium Batteries: Building a Domestic Supply Chain for Critical Minerals

The global race for electric car battery production has so far seen China in the lead, thanks to its control of essential minerals and refining capabilities, as well as its robust battery components and assembly industries. 

The recent NYTimes article, “Can the World Make an Electric Car Battery Without China?” highlights the current state of the battery industry, including China’s control over the world’s cobalt and lithium supplies and its domination in battery components production. 

However, it also presents the challenges that lie ahead: the environmental concerns associated with mining and refining, the high capital costs of battery assembly, and the geopolitical implications of an imbalanced supply chain.

At Aqua Metals, we’ve recognized these challenges and are taking bold steps to address them. 

We are helping to build a domestic supply chain for critical minerals in the U.S., a crucial move to ensure our competitiveness in the global lithium battery race. 

We are doing this by using sustainable recycling to reclaim and process these essential metals, thereby reducing our reliance on foreign sources and decreasing the environmental impact of mining and refining.

Working alongside U.S. companies like Dragonfly Energy and 6K Energy, we’re not just focusing on recycling critical metals but also on supporting domestic battery manufacturing with a circular supply of materials.

This integrated approach allows us to contribute to a domestically-sourced supply chain for lithium batteries, from raw materials to finished products – and back into raw materials once again.

The race for lithium batteries isn’t just about economic gains; it’s also about environmental sustainability and strategic independence. 

By recycling and refining critical minerals locally, we can create a more sustainable and resilient battery industry, and in doing so, make a significant contribution to the global transition towards cleaner energy.

At Aqua Metals, we believe in the power of innovation and sustainable practices to reshape this landscape and define a new trajectory.

Together, we can drive the future of battery metals and technology, and ensure that the U.S. plays a leading role in this vital industry.