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Powering Through Partnership: Aqua Metals and Dragonfly Energy Produce Battery Cell

Last week, Aqua Metals and our strategic partner, Dragonfly Energy, announced the successful manufacturing of a lithium-based battery cell using sustainably recycled lithium.  

In this collaboration, Aqua Metals supplied high-purity lithium hydroxide (LiOH) recovered from recycled lithium-ion batteries to Dragonfly Energy, who then manufactured a standard CR2032 lithium battery cell using their patented dry battery electrode coating technology.  

Dragonfly Energy Cell Battery
Dragonfly Energy's cell battery is made entirely from Aqua Metals materials.

This stands as a huge production milestone for both companies as it is the first time a battery cell comprised of recovered battery-grade lithium hydroxide has successfully passed Dragonfly Energy’s cycle-testing process. 

It also proves that sustainably recycled materials can meet the high standards for advanced battery cell production and can be pivotal to developing a domestic circular supply chain for the battery industry. 

 “This is an exciting milestone for us in establishing the efficacy of our sustainable recycling process and affirming that our high-purity recovered material is battery grade and of equal quality to virgin mined material – with a much lower carbon and waste footprint,” said Steve Cotton, Aqua Metals’ President, and CEO. 

“Dragonfly Energy is at the forefront of manufacturing high-performance lithium batteries, and we believe our continued collaboration is demonstrating why building a circular supply chain for critical minerals in Nevada is integral to our clean energy future.” 

Dragonfly Energy
CEO Steve Cotton tours the pilot facility with Dragonfly CEO Denis Phares.

This milestone is a huge step in the companies’ shared goal of completing the lithium loop in Nevada, where all stages of lithium production, from manufacturing to recycling, occur in-state.  

Between strong partnerships and full-scale production plans in the near future, Aqua Metals is positioned to have an even larger impact on the lithium battery recycling industry for years to come.