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Senator Cortez Masto Joins Nevada Battery Coalition for Roundtable Discussion

A Unified Vision

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, it has become extremely important for American companies to develop a circular supply chain for battery materials to keep up with rising demands. Nevada has emerged as the leading lithium battery hub in North America, setting the stage for the state to become the country’s marquee lithium battery producer.

Notably, the state is home to companies that cover all phases of the lithium battery supply chain, from exploration to manufacturing, and recycling, and is positioned to continue to grow in the near future.  The backing and investment into the lithium battery industry in Nevada has already stimulated extremely positive economic and job effects on the state, much of which is due to the work of groups like the Nevada Battery Coalition.

The NBC was created in February of 2023 and is comprised of companies from every stage of the battery production process. Aqua Metals is a founding member of this critical regional organization. The coalition aims to educate both the public and government representatives about future prospects within Nevada’s lithium battery sector, present a cohesive message, and devise strategies to enhance workforce and economic development, thereby growing the state’s lithium industry.

CCM Roundtable

Roundtable Discussion

On Friday, February 16, the coalition hosted a roundtable discussion with US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. Throughout the event, Senator Cortez Masto listened to NBC members as they educated her on the companies and organizations they work for to show what they offer to Nevada’s lithium economy. Along with individual introductions, the main focus for the NBC members was to show they could operate with the unified goal of creating a circular supply chain within the state.

After hearing about each company and the group as a whole, Cortez Masto engaged in discussions with all members about how the state government could better support the lithium industry growth in the state. Members of NBC emphasized the significance of government funding and initiatives aimed at enhancing the recruitment and education of potential workers for the lithium industry. With increased funding, these companies can foster internal expansion, thereby amplifying their impact on the state’s economy through heightened employment opportunities and increased production output.

Aqua Metals Joins the Discussion

The hour-long roundtable led to many positive discussions, which can hopefully translate to NBC receiving more support from the state as they work towards their goal of creating a circular lithium battery economy in Nevada.  

As one of the founding members of the NBC, Aqua Metals President and CEO Steve Cotton spoke on multiple occasions during the event, explaining our innovative AquaRefining approach to battery-sustainable recycling, and voicing the importance of additional funding and loans.

He showed appreciation for Cortez Masto’s participation in the event and talked about how financial support from the state would be advantageous not only for the development of a circular supply chain through Aqua Metals’ rapidly expanding operations but would also lead to the creation of many new jobs for Nevadans at the company.